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Robinette Farms Meats

Looking for healthy, farm-raised meats, but don't want to drive all the way to the farm?  Order online and get your meat during CSA pickup at the Farm or Leon's on Wednesdays from 4-7pm.

All meat will be delivered frozen and payment is due when you pick up.  We accept cash, check or card for meat orders (paying by card only available at Leon's pickup).

PLEASE NOTE **All prices listed are per pound. The total weight of your order will be calculated at pick up.  When you place your order the total price will be shown as $0.00.**

Direct sales and retail dollars help sustain small family farms so thank you for your order!


Our pork is steroid, hormone, and antibiotic free.  In the future we hope to breed our own pigs, but for now we buy weaned pigs from Erstwhile Farms outside of Columbus, NE to raise on our farm.  Larry and Lanette Stec of Erstwhile Farms grow organic crops and do an amazing job of farrowing pigs on pasture that are healthy and hearty.

Here at Robinette Farms, our pigs are free to roam through our shady woodlot and help us manage weeds in the field, where they forage for roots and roll in the mud.  They are fed soy-free certified organic feed from Wagonwheel Farm in Bruno, NE.

These pigs live their entire lives out doors with access to sun, soil and shade.





Our Katahdin lambs spend their entire lives on pasture, eating only what they can forage.  In addition to being steroid, hormone and antibiotic free, our grass fed lamb is healthy, tasty and sustainably raised!

Katahdin Sheep

Sorry!  This store is currently closed.  Please find us on Facebook for more details, or join the mailing list on the front page of our website.


Chloe & Alex

Robinette Farms is Hiring!March 17th, 2017

We have 3 seasonal full-time positions on the farm for the 2017 season! Join our crew this year and enjoy the summer working outside, working with your body and growing great food for your community!

CSA NewslettersAugust 23rd, 2016

Check out our archive of past CSA Newsletters, and catch up on any that you have missed this season! You will need Adobe to view these files.  If you need to download it, CLICK HERE. 2016 CSA New

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