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Summer CSA Share



~ Summer CSA runs for 20 weeks: May 31st through October 11th, 2017

~ CSA pickup is:

Wednesday evenings from 4-7pm at:

--> Leon's Gourmet Grocer in Lincoln

--> The Farm in Martell

~ We accept payment by cash, check, or credit/debit, but paying with a card requires full payment.

~ A minimum of $100 is due when you register and pay by cash or check, with the balance due by May 15th. If you need to set up a payment plan, please contact us!

Summer CSA Shares

Each month will bring a fresh addition of vegetables to your box. Take a look at our Availability Chart to see what we grow and when it might be available throughout the season.

In general, at the beginning of the season, the shares tend to have more cooking greens and salad greens. We then move into the summer crops like tomatoes, peppers and summer squash; the end of the season is heavy with potatoes, winter squash and more greens.

Share Sizes and Pricing

Veggie Shares
Price Per Season Number of People Fed
Mini* $220 1
Small $325 1-2
Medium $425 2-3
Large $625 4-5

*Mini Share
The Mini Share contains the same amount of produce as the Medium Share, but is picked up every other week. For a single person or a family just interested in trying CSA, the Mini Share provides all the diversity of our regular shares, but at a lower cost.

Price Per Season Quantity
Egg Share
$90 1 dozen per week (20 total)
Chicken Share
$150 2 chickens per month (10 total)


Pickup Location
Choose ONE pickup location for the entire season:

~ Wednesday evenings from 4-7pm at The Farm in Martell
~ Wednesday evenings from 4-7pm at Leon's Gourmet Grocer in Lincoln

Small, Medium and Large Shares pickup every week
Mini Shares pickup every other week
Egg Shares pickup every week
Chicken Share pickup TBD (once a month or every other week)

What do I get in my Vegetable Share?

Each week, we aim to provide you with six to nine different vegetables in your share. We try to include cooking greens, greens for salads, roots, fruits and something from the onion family in each share. Our goal is to grow what's in season for you, but also to introduce you to amazing new vegetables!

What do I get in my Egg Share?
Each week you'll get 1 dozen eggs from our pastured poultry operation at a 10% discount off the retail price. Our birds are out on pasture where they help fertilize future vegetable ground in a more sustainable way. They are free to forage through lush pasture but also have mobile coops that provide protection from the weather and predators.

What do I get in my Chicken Share?
Each month you'll get 2 whole roasting chickens at a 20% discount off the retail price. Our birds are raised on pasture and help fertilize soils that will grow our great veggies in the future! Mobile coops that have no floors are moved to fresh pasture each day so that the birds are sheltered and protected while still enjoying pasture. We have not determined whether the birds will be delivered fresh or frozen this year!

Visit our archive of CSA Newsletters or Photos of Weekly Shares to get an idea of what our shares looked like last year.


Click Here to Join the 2017 Summer CSA!

Robinette Farms is Hiring!March 17th, 2017

We have 3 seasonal full-time positions on the farm for the 2017 season! Join our crew this year and enjoy the summer working outside, working with your body and growing great food for your community!

CSA NewslettersAugust 23rd, 2016

Check out our archive of past CSA Newsletters, and catch up on any that you have missed this season! You will need Adobe to view these files.  If you need to download it, CLICK HERE. 2016 CSA New

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