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Apprentice Testimonials

Wondering what it would be like to work here?

Kasey P. 2011 Farm Apprentice/Real Farmer

"I began my farming career with an apprenticeship at Robinette, and I got a foundation of CSA management skills and land stewardship practices that has served me well. I have since managed a CSA in Baltimore and now manage a small restaurant and CSA farm outside St. Louis. My apprenticeship with Chloe and Alex was a great start to my farming career—the lessons and experiences from that year remain vivid, and they still provide valuable context for everything I do and learn.

I also got something from working with Alex and Chloe that you don’t get everywhere else—and after working on four other small-scale vegetable and livestock farms and seeing small operations all over the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, I still think this to be true—I learned that this kind of farming demands a certain kind of perseverance. There is no better place, and there are no better role models from whom to learn the most important, empowering lesson of becoming a farmer: farming is hard work, every year, and you may be tired and maybe overwhelmed, and the season may seem impossibly long, but you will keep going, and it will be incredibly rewarding. Alex and Chloe are determined like nobody else I know, and, at the risk of sounding too dramatic, they are inspiring.

Also, they are pretty cool to hang out with, and their kids are great, and their jokes are funny. These guys are doing it right."

Chris R., 2014 Farm Apprentice/Righteous Dude

"The true value of any apprenticeship is what you learn. Alex, Chloe, and Farm Boss Nina have a wealth of diverse experiences and they are very good at dispersing that information through a variety of venues for different types of learners.

We took classes in the traditional sense; sitting in a classroom, taking notes. Those weren't just improvised "sit-downs" -- Alex and Chloe prepared lesson plans and activities to ensure and enhance our understanding. We also took hands on classes in things like diesel engine troubleshooting, greenhouse building, crop planning, pest management, and pasture management.

The skills required to run a diversified farm operation are many; often those skills are not accompanied by the patience and care of a teacher. Alex and Chloe are certainly that. You will learn so much on this apprenticeship, and you will have a whole lot of fun, cause they're rad folks."

Katie L., 2015 Farm Apprentice/Task Master

"After graduating with degrees in Horticulture and Agronomy, a friend asked if I was now ready to go out and start my own farm. "Not even close," was my reply. As I thought about it more I realized that I actually knew very little about "farming". Sure, I could explain the photosynthetic process in detail, knew all of the steps of the cell cycle, and could even place vegetables into their families.

But I couldn't tell you the first thing about setting up a crop plan of 30+ crops to provide a wide variety of vegetables weekly to keep CSA members satisfied. I knew nothing about building fence to hold animals that can provide a much needed boost to income on small farms. I couldn't even start to describe an irrigation system that would suit the farm and budget. 

The seven months of working with Alex and Chloe at Robinette taught me all of those things and more-- the "practical" side of farming. I greatly appreciated the amount of effort they put in to "teaching" us before we started a task. We were never told to go do something without first hearing why we were doing it, the different ways the task could be done, and the pros and cons of the different ways. Chloe and Alex were always open to questions and I gleaned so much information just by working next to them day after day. I learned what life was like on the farm day in and day out-- the excitement of a new season, the hard work and long hours, the exhaustion, the satisfaction of harvesting high-quality produce, the daily prioritizing of tasks, the building of a community excited about good food. 
Alex and Chloe are hard-working and honest people with an intense passion for growing great food in a way that is sustainable for their farm and their family. I loved my experience at Robinette and would highly encourage others with dreams of owning a small farm to participate in this apprenticeship."
Steve R., 2013 & 2015 Apprentice/Man of Many Words
It's a lot of hard work, and long days. All of that is worth it for the experience and knowledge that is difficult to get anywhere else. Chloe and Alex are both knowledgeable and willing to listen to the dozens of questions a day I had. The farmhouse has it's quirks, but is very comfortable in summer and winter. I had a lot of fun, learned a lot, and found some muscles I didn't know I had.
Danny M., 2013 Apprentice/Kimchi Master
My experiences during my time at Robinette Farms provided me with an abundance of knowledge related to small-scale diversified sustainable vegetable farming, a variety of lovely life lessons and a real sense of purpose and community. Though I am not currently pursuing a life as a farmer, as a result of what I learned at Robinette, I will definitely maintain a garden to feed myself and my friends throughout my life. Life on the the farm held many difficult challenges, but the payback as a farm apprentice is unlike any other I've ever know.
Alex and Chloe are extremely kind-hearted people with knowledge and experience to share with hardworking, soil-loving folks interested in exploring the beautiful world of farming. Perks of life at Robinette include the fact that they live on an incredibly beautiful piece of land that won't let you leave without completely falling in love with it; Alex and Chloe have the cutest farm kiddos that will likely tell you funny stories while in the fields making your day supremely better; and with so many tasty veggies around, learning a few new recipes is just too easy.  My apprenticeship at Robinette Farms was an incredibly meaningful experience that I will not lose sight of anytime soon.
Last, but certainly not least, if you take on an apprenticeship at Robinette you will get to experience the joy of having their farm dog, Moxie, run beside you as you drive around the farm. Final thoughts for real - waking up to see the sun rise as work began at Robinette made every challenging moment so completely worth it.

Robinette Farms is Hiring!March 17th, 2017

We have 3 seasonal full-time positions on the farm for the 2017 season! Join our crew this year and enjoy the summer working outside, working with your body and growing great food for your community!

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